Detective, Elizabethtown Police Department

“I was born and raised here in Elizabethtown. I attended Western Kentucky University and earned a degree in Criminology. Upon graduation, I was hired as the first Victim Advocate for the Hardin County Attorney’s Office. I worked two years in this position before I decided to join the Elizabethtown Police Department. I come from a family of educators, coaches, and social workers, but I decided to blaze my own trail and deviate from what I knew as the norm. I viewed this as a chance to give back to my community. The goal of the Elizabethtown Police Department is to Serve and Protect this community and its citizens. The Police department must enforce the laws that have been established by the government, the police do not make laws. This community is growing, and growth is good, but with growth, the coverage of protection must also grow. One of the qualities I love about my department is the close relationship we have with our community. We host a variety of events that give people an opportunity to put a face with the officers that police their community, and to also give them the chance to ask questions concerning any situations or incidents they might not understand. I am currently a detective in my department but would like to advance rank within law enforcement before looking at other career opportunities; Homeland Security or the FBI. In the upcoming months, I would like to initiate some outreach programs to deescalate the bad press that social media has given unjustly to the police. Overall, it has been a great pleasure and honor for me to provide service to the community that raised me.”

Fun Fact: “The position that I hold requires me to be mentally and physically tough, with an extensive amount of training. All that being said, I have yet to overcome my fear of crickets.”

Featured originally in Elizabethtown Lifestyle Magazine.