Community Storyteller, Kentucky’s Heartland

“Every community has a storyteller who always knows about the great things going on around town. You go to them to see what special event is next or to hear a recap of the latest happenings. They seem to be everywhere and are always sharing the good news of others making a difference in the community. In Elizabethtown and Hardin County, that is how I hope to be known. My insight can be attributed to the multiple jobs, projects, and organizations that keep me busy. I am telling great stories online on Kentucky’s Heartland and on the radio middays on B101.5. On weekends, I can be found working alongside my business partner, Jeff, as part of our small business—Central Kentucky Race Management—which connects me with a lot of organizations and nonprofits to plan and organize running events. All of this has afforded me a front-row seat to the best parts of our region, and I want to help others see it too.” 

Fun Fact: “I love turtles and have three pet turtles. I have had one for over 11 years. They are named Turtle, Tur, and Urtle. My creativity for names is pretty weak.” 

Featured originally in Elizabethtown Lifestyle Magazine.