Mayor, City of Elizabethtown 

I am a born and raised third-generation Elizabethtown resident. I love Elizabethtown and Hardin County. This community has given so much to me and my extended family, and I can’t imagine wanting to live anywhere else. My career as a Kentucky State Trooper has allowed me to see other communities all over the Commonwealth, and I can assure you there isn’t another as exceptional as ours. If I must be labeled, I prefer it to be as a public servant instead of a politician. The moniker ‘politician’ brings with it connotations of distrust and self-serving. As a public servant, my major goal is to help as many of our citizens as much as I can every day. I ’m proud to have the opportunity to serve as the Mayor of Elizabethtown to continue to build on what so many others who have preceded me have gotten right. I feel privileged to have a part in the exciting growth that our city is experiencing which will improve the lives of our citizens for generations to come.” 

Fun Fact: Mayor Gregory is the youngest elected Elizabethtown mayor (and quite possibly the only ginger). 

Featured originally in Elizabethtown Lifestyle Magazine.