Owner & Bourbon Connoisseur, John O’s Liquor

In 2012 John Lewis opened John O’s Liquor when Elizabethtown went wet for the first time. John’s always up for a challenge and started planning early on in the process to be ready to open when Hardin County went wet. His business background experience has a stronghold in retail, and with his love of bourbon and exceptional customer service skills, John O’s quickly became the best liquor store in Elizabethtown. They take a lot of customer requests; they’re very open-minded, and they listen to their customers and try to fulfill their needs. John doesn’t shy away from new and unheard-of bourbons; you can see that by looking around the store. The bourbon collection is impressive, to say the least. They do 20+ barrel picks per year, and, in John’s opinion, that’s where you get your best bourbons. They got to this place, this point, by the love for challenge, and love for building and growing new businesses. P.S. They have a drive-through. 

Fun Fact: Shopping at John O’s is similar to an Easter egg hunt in the way that sometimes John hides rare bottles of bourbon throughout the store for customers to find. 

Featured originally in Elizabethtown Lifestyle Magazine.