General Manager, Waters Edge Winery & Bistro 

“My father has always dreamed of owning a restaurant, and I had recently graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration but had yet to find a job I loved. We combined his dream with my education with the help of a family friend from Hardin County who knew Elizabethtown needed something different. The concept of Waters Edge Winery and Bistro was a perfect fit – we agreed and have since been in business. We are originally from Georgia, but with my father being in the military, we moved around quote a bit until settling in Hardin County in 2004-2005. Running the winery and making wines has been a fun learning experience with high hopes to open more businesses in the future!”

Fun Fact: “I don’t have a favorite wine, but I have more fun making red wines because some use oak chips, oak cubes, grape skins, or all of the above. It makes it more of a challenge.”

Featured originally in Elizabethtown Lifestyle Magazine.